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Today I’m A Mommy Blogger

Happy Friday readers! I just pulled into Starbucks to Blog.  I was volunteering this morning for my son’s school at the local bowling alley for his Purim Bowlathon  (for those of you that don’t know, Purim is sort of like our Jewish Halloween).  The kids were all dressed up and adorable, and ran into the bowling alley by the bus load, excited to play hookie for the morning. It was great fun. As always, whenever my son sees me at any school event, his face beams with pride, and I can see he just wants to melt into my arms, but holds back in an effort not to look “uncool.” My heart was full watching him with his friends. He was so happy, so proud, such a thriving young man. And at the end of the day, what more could a mom wish for?  Health and contentment for those they love. I’ll take it and shut up.

mommy blogger

Next, onto child number 2. My 3 year old. Things with him weren’t quite as sunny last night. We were having a great day till about 8pm last night. Then he became violently ill. To say he threw up a little in his bed was an understatement. My washing machine did not stop from 8pm until 4am. He threw up at least 8 times and I was scrounging around pulling pillows from all of the beds to replace the previous ones he had thrown up on. He didn’t stop from 8:30pm – 3AM. I became so overwhelmed with worry. Couple that with the cleaning and preparing a new fresh bed for him every hour, and it was complete chaos. My husband ran out at midnight to buy pedialyte, but he wouldn’t take it. We came very close to ending up in the hospital, but then the throwing up stopped, and he fell asleep at 4:15am. Unfortunately he awoke at 6:08am, but fortunately he was perfect healthy and happy. So, I’m not working on much sleep and I’m quite delirious to say the least. Kids. The joys of mommyhood. We wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I can now formally announce that I will  be presenting as the Keynote “Celebrity Speaker” at center stage on Sunday, April 11th, 2010 for the National Women’s Show. It takes place in Montreal, April 9-11th.  The National Women’s Show is for all women, and has everthing from food and wine sampling to fashion and beauty. There are celebrity guest speakers, fashion shows, free makeovers, tips for staying healthy, home décor and entertaining ideas, travel options plus career advice and over 300 exhibitors! If you want to attend, please see the website for more info: http://www.nationalwomenshow.com/

I also got word yesterday on some incredible book endorsements and words of praise for the book. I was so excited and can’t wait for you ladies to read it. I’ll keep you posted on when it will be available.

99 series

It’s funny, how things kind of all happen at once. I literally received word on the endorsements while my son was barfing. Life can be so bittersweet. And you just gotta laugh sometimes when too many things come at once. For some reason, my life has always been this way. Sorrow and grief have always come during triumphant moments. Not sure why. Maybe it’s to ground us from the triumph, or maybe it’s to show us that the darkness never stays for too long and that the light is just waiting around the corner. It’s been an interesting year. Lots of good and not so good have come all simultaneously. It challenges us to be better people, I think. And I never ignore the message. There’s always a message.

So ladies, from one woman to another, one mom to another, truly enjoy your moments with your family and friends this weekend. A follower of mine on Twitter sent me a website yesterday that literally has left me heart-broken. Layla Grace,  http://laylagrace.org/ (Twitter @LaylaGrace) is a beautiful little girl in her final days of her life, losing her battle to a rare form of Cancer, called Neuroblastoma. Please read her Blog. Please keep little Layla in your prayers. She has not left my mind since I read of her story yesterday. I pray for peace for Layla and her family.

Layla and her Father

Layla and her Father

Until next week,


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