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Ways to Give Love Our Support

What if we supported one another?

What if instead of competing we replaced it with support?

Support truly is an amazing way to give love!

Somewhere deep down competition is probably embedded in us, and most likely played an important part in the evolutionary process.  But look how far we have come, how much we have evolved as human beings, even in the last 100, 50, 10 years.  It is possible for the constant evolution and growth we experience to make the world a more beautiful place. 

It wasn’t all that long ago that we started to see a rise in genuine concern for how we treat our planet.  What better to go hand in hand, then a rise in consciousness in how we treat one another?

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying all competition is a bad thing.  I can feel my husband saying to himself right now, but competition can be fun!  A huge lover of sports, he gets a lot of enjoyment from engaging in and watching teams and individuals compete.

What I am suggesting is that most of the time instead of engaging in competition with one another, we can turn it around and give love through support.  Supporting one another’s talents.  Supporting others through tough time periods, and helping them see the good even in the hardest situations.

The next time you feel like you are being nudged into a competition of whose kid has better grades, or who did a better job in a certain activity.  Take a step back, and keep the larger picture in mind.  We are all on this journey together.  Make the decision to instead of compete, help by supporting the other individual or individuals.  What if the Mom who wants to compare her child’s grades with yours is just simply in need of support?  Instead maybe the best thing you could do is tell her that she is doing a good job parenting and teaching her child and that it is wonderful she is proud of her child’s accomplishments.

Consider doing this switch the next time you feel like someone is bragging to you.  Instead of getting annoyed try seeing it as a wonderful opportunity to support that person.  It might be that they are purely in need of love and acknowledgement, and you have the ability to give them just that.  What a wonderful gift we all have within us to give, support. 

I think you will find when you replace competition with support; in turn you will be more successful for it.  We all want out children to be successful because we love them and want the best for them.  When you think of success, what is it really?  To me in its most pure sense, success is happiness.  If you teach your children to support and love others, teach them how to help others see the positive, and be encouraging of talents, instead of engaging in competition with family, friends, classmates, and strangers, they will be happier for it.  That is what I think most of us want more than anything, for our children to be happy and loving individuals.  Keeping that big picture in mind can really help us all support one another and make life an amazing and beautiful journey together.

The next time you feel like you are entering a competition with others or internally, take a step back and ask yourself if it could be better turned into love and support.  How can you tell if it is healthy competition, or if it is a better opportunity to give support?  When you don’t feel good about the competition.  When it doesn’t bring out the best in you and what you have to offer.  Turn it around into something radiant and support the other person instead of competing with them.  If it is a competition you are creating within yourself brining up negative feelings, make it a time to nurture yourself and give self-love.  You deserve your support too!

Support is love.  The more love you put out there, the more that comes flooding in.  What a wonderful thing we can teach our children to do.  And we can be proud of the love and support our kids will receive in doing so.

Can you find one way to give your love and support to someone today?   

Take a moment to acknowledge the feeling it gives you.  Focusing on those moments is how you can create happiness. J   

Wendy Irene

You can find me under the group Moms with Blogs on ModernMom, as well as many other amazing individuals.

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