5 mins read

How To Make A Vision Board

Welcome back to my Modern Mom Blog!! It’s a brand new year. And a brand new year, means a brand new start. There is no more perfect time than NOW to make your vision board, and put your plan into action. Yes, 2012 is about ACTION. This year, we’re not just talking – we’re walking our talk. And it’s gonna be powerful. This year, we’re DREAMING BIG.

9 mins read

Easy Steps to Fighting the Aging Process

You may recall I wrote a post on aging gracefully. I pointed out the simple fact, that no matter how rich, how poor, how thin, how happy, how unhappy you are, there is one thing in this world you cannot fight, and just happen to be battling at the EXACT same rate as the next person AGING. Madonna is over 50. Yes, Even Madonna turned 50! Enough said. But in that Blog post, I talked about my desire to age without any help from Dr. 90210. I wrote about how to age gracefully. But, today, were taking it one step further. Today, were talking how to put that aging process on slow-mo. And Im not on the fence here. I just turned 35 and because I dont intend on going the plastic route, Im gonna fight the crap out of this aging process.