Extortionists Hit Another Celeb Couple
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Extortionists Hit Another Celeb Couple

I wonder why extortionists are coming out of the woodwork these days? The latest
victims are Cindy Crawford and hubby Rande Gerber. The extortion plot centers around a photograph of their daughter, Kaia, taken when she was 7.

Court records state that a picture of Kaia was stolen from her former nanny by Edis Kayalar. Kayalar demanded $100,000 from Cindy and Rande or he would sell the photo. The picture showed Kaia with a gag in her mouth and bound to a chair. Supposedly this was part of her nanny’s game of cops and robbers. Uh, what??? The parents had never heard of this “game.”

Cindy and Rande did the right thing and went to the police. FBI began a criminal investigation.

People can be so cruel. And, on a side note, I wouldn’t give a good reference for that nanny!

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