Wilton Whoopie Pie Pan
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Wilton Whoopie Pie Pan

Love to bake for your family? Then here’s a fresh new idea. This nonstick pan helps you create 12 perfectly sized whoopie pies! Your kids will love them!

Comes with plenty of delicious whoopie pie recipes that are easy to make and provide a fun family project to do with the little ones.

I love the versatility of this dessert – you can make different flavor combinations to please every member of the family. Try a nutella and peanut butter filling between two chocolate cakes. Yummy!

This pan makes baking a snap — the pies slide easily out with no sticking. Prep and clean up is easy and the reward is delicious.

Get creative with your baking and find out how whoopie pies are making a major comeback!

You can get the pan here from Amazon. Enjoy!

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