Twisty Bun for Short Hair
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Twisty Bun for Short Hair

There are days that I really miss my long hair and all the different ways I was able to style it. Yeah, there are benefits to having short hair, but I am not sure if it’s as easy as I had imagined.

Most of us with short hair do our best to change it up. We accessorize our looks with all sorts of different hats and outfit combos. We wear our hair down, we put it in a ponytail, or sometimes even cover it up with a headband.

If you’re looking for another idea, I have the perfect recipe. Here’s a fun and easy way to style your short hair. I call this my twisty-bun but for short hair:

1. Start by pulling your hair back into a pony tail. If you have shorter layers like I do, pull as much of your hair back as you can and pin it in.

2. Grab about an inch of hair, twist it, then pin in the edges.

3. Keep twisting and pinning. I usually criss-cross them over one another. If you have a little bit more length, you can weave them in and out of each other.

4. Tuck any loose pieces in with more pins and lightly spritz over some hairspray for hold.


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