Super Bowl Weekend: Something For Everyone!
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Super Bowl Weekend: Something For Everyone!

This weekend is the Super Bowl, and I am so excited for the game.  My husband, along with all my in-laws are rooting for the Giants. Being an Eagles fan makes it hard for me to root for the Giants, so let’s go TOM BRADY!

What makes the Super Bowl better than any other championship game is there is something to watch for everyone in your family. So whether you’re going to your friend’s house for the big game, or hosting a party yourself, here are some tips to make it easy.

For the Busy Mom who would love to be able to follow football but just can’t, here are some things to know about the game:

You might know that the New England Patriots are playing the New York Giants this year. But did you know that this is a big rematch? The two teams played back in 2008. The Patriots went into that game winning every game the entire 2007-2008 season but  lost their perfect season to the Giants. Now they’re looking for revenge!

Here are some key players to look for on the Patriots: Tom Brady is the quarterback for the Patriots and he’s won three Super Bowls already. He’s hoping for the fourth to tie former QBs Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for the record.  Brady is married to supermodel Gisele, so expect to see some camera shots of her cheering on her man from the Skybox! Brady’s go-to guy this season is the cutie Wes Welker who led the NFL this season with 122 receptions and 9 TDs. BenJarvus Jeremy Green-Ellis is the guy you will see running with the ball.

On the Giants: QB Eli Manning QB is looking to get his second Super Bowl ring this weekend. Eli will be playing in his brother Peyton’s home stadium in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. Eli loves his top Wide Receiver Victor Cruz, who is having a breakout season – 9 touchdowns and 1,536 yards (3rd in the NFL). Hakeem Nicks, and Mario Manningham are other top WRs there to help Eli out.

Don’t really care about the game itself? Not to worry! The half-time show is something you will want to watch!  Madonna is performing, and she is sure to play some of her classic songs like Vogue and Ray of Light, but also is performing her new song for her upcoming album!

For the Kids – Pre Show Fun!

The younger kids might not be able to sit and watch the entire game since kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. EST and it is a school night. However, some of the best parts of the Super Bowl are before they even kick off the ball.  Kelly Clarkson will be singing the national anthem; there will be plenty of fireworks going off, and the coin toss. Make a friendly bet about which team will win the coin toss, or let them guess whether the coin will land on heads or tails to make it fun.

If you have teenagers in the house, they will be excited to see party boy rockers LMFAO and Nicki Minaj performing with Madonna!

For people who hate football, there are always the commercials to watch.

The Super Bowl is not only watched for the game, but also for all the funny and most talked about commercials. Advertisers spend so much time and money (3.5 million dollars per 30 seconds this year) to share new products during the most viewed event on television. (Shout out to my cousin Caitlin who worked on the new Bud Light Platinum campaign!) Here are some commercials to look forward to:

  • Regis Philbin hasn’t been on television since leaving Regis and Kelly Live last fall. But Philbin is BACK in a new ad for Pepsi MAX.
  • For country music fans…Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles sings with Hank Williams also for Pepsi MAX.
  • The 80’s are back in spring fashion. Honda and Matthew Broderick bring back Ferris Bueller in a funny commercial that is a must see!
  • For the dog lovers, Volkswagen, Anheuser Busch and Skechers are replacing humans with canines for this year’s Super Bowl ads.


Like every football Sunday in my family, football is a fun excuse to get together. No matter who you are rooting for! Hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday Funday with your families, and enjoy whatever it is that you love about the big game!

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