3 Tips to Get Lean Now!
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3 Tips to Get Lean Now!

At the start of a new diet, many women find themselves giving in to temptation because it can be very hard to deal with hunger pains and the lack of eating favorite foods.

When it comes to long-lasting weight loss, the secret is in making LIFESTYLE changes. You must feel full to prevent cravings, sugar and energy crashes, and the pains of hunger.

Here are my personal top three tips to help you get lean now:

1. Eat breakfast (and make sure it’s protein-packed)

Fill up on protein rich foods like eggs, nonfat yogurt, low-fat reduced- sodium cottage cheese and turkey bacon. These keep you feeling full and help to give you energy!

What to eat:

  • Oatmeal and a scrambled egg
  • Turkey bacon and egg white omelet
  • Banana and a hard-boiled egg
  • Fruit and a nonfat Greek yogurt


2. Drink water all day long

Making sure you are hydrated with water allows your body to function at its peak. This means less headaches and more energy!

3. Add vegetables to all of your meals

Ready to take on a challenge? Try to make the majority of your meal: VEGGIES! This means you’ll be eating less carbohydrates and less fat. But you’ll be getting more low-calorie, antioxidant and fiber-rich veggies. So you’ll fill up on fewer calories.

In a month you could lose 3-8 pounds just by eating more vegetables!

Any other tips you want to share? Please comment! Live Fruitfully, -Susie

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