Klutz Melty Beads
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Klutz Melty Beads

I’m always looking for a project to keep my little one busy. Shutting the tv off and getting involved in art projects is a great late afternoon pastime.

Here’s a fun arts and crafts project the kids will love. Melty Beads are great for hand/eye coordination and they let your child work on finger strength and control.

It’s easy to start. Have your kids lay out the colorful plastic beads on a pegboard in whatever shape they like. This takes some time, but the finished product is worth it. After they are done, Mom carefully irons them together and you have a new beautiful piece of of art!

These beads are just the right size for little hands. Comes with 600 beads to choose from and an artwork book that will give your kids ideas and spark their creative minds.

A great activity that will encourage the little artist in every kid!

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