Mother’s Day Gift Guide
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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is in less than a week! Whether you still need to buy something for the mother in your life, or you want to give others a few hints about what you’d like, here is our Official ModernMom Gift Guide. We hope you find it useful!

1. DIY iPhone, iPod Touch, and BlackBerry case: Choose a picture or design that you know she’ll love and customize a case that’ll fit her phone or music player. She’ll see the image everyday and smile each time she makes a phone call.

2. After taking a run or returning from a spin class, an adorbale customized spa wrap will allow her to recoup from her workout in style and comfort.

3. Dr. D’Adamo Revitalizing Natural Facial Cream helps revitalize facial skin when used twice daily in the morning and before bed. The Facial Cleanser, also developed by Dr. D’Adamo, is ideal for cleansing the skin of daily residues. Both are the perfect complement to the spa wrap above!

4. Blow up some photos of the kids or a beloved memory, frame them, and give them to mom as a cherished keepsake and beautiful house decoration! has many fun options.

5. These NYLA STAR bracelets are so cute and really stylish! Indulge Mom in some hip jewelry this Mother’s Day and she’ll be thanking you for the rest of the year!

6. This Case Logic Laptop backpack is small, sleek, and hip. She’ll be able to take it anywhere she needs her computer, plus it comes in a great cherry color!

7. If Mom has an iPad (or if she’s getting one for Mother’s Day!), consider getting her a cute cover to protect it. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures. Some (like this one) are even customizable!

8. Is Mom a techie? You must check out this HP Mini 210 computer. It’s perfect for getting some work done in the carpool line. And it even comes in pink! If you’re lucky, you can win one for her on ModernMom this week!

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