Ronald McDonald Fights a Winning Battle Against Cancer
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Ronald McDonald Fights a Winning Battle Against Cancer

There is nothing more important to a sick child than having their loved ones close. Some families have to travel far to seek treatment for their child, and it’s difficult to find accommodations for long periods of time. Ronald McDonald House Charities provide a safe, comfortable place where families can rest. One military family found the strength they needed to help their child fight cancer at a Ronald McDonald House- and he won the battle! Here is his inspirational story.

Dylan’s Story

When 10-year-old Dylan Przybysz was diagnosed with brain cancer, his
mother and father, a U.S. Army Sergeant who served two tours of duty,
one in Afghanistan and one in Saudi Arabia, began to assemble an army
of their own to wage this overwhelming medical battle. They found the
best doctors, nurses and specialists to treat their son’s three
tumors. However, little did they know when they arrived at the Ronald
McDonald House near where Dylan was being treated, that there was a
team waiting to make their army much larger and stronger.

Dylan’s Doctor

Even Dylan’s doctor said that his recovery was in great part because
of the support he and his family found at the Ronald McDonald House. “Dylan’s stay at the Ronald McDonald House really helped him get
through his treatments,” said Andrew Walter, M.S., M.D., pediatric
hematologist, Nemours/Al DuPont Hospital for Children “Not a week goes
by that I don’t hear about a positive experience that one of our
families has had at the Ronald McDonald House.”

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