Homemade Thanksgiving Table Decorations
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Homemade Thanksgiving Table Decorations

As you prepare to set your Thanksgiving table, consider getting crafty and adding a personal touch by making your own Thanksgiving table decorations!

By incorporating fall foliage, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and the colors of fall into your homemade decorations, your table will be festive and seasonal, setting a beautiful stage for sharing a fabulous meal.

Homemade Place Cards

Homemade place cards are both functional and festive. In addition to directing your guests to their seat, they add a nice decorative touch. To make your own place cards, fold small rectangular pieces of cream cardstock, about 3-by-3 inches, in half. In addition to writing the name of the guest in a fall color, like orange or brown, embellish each card by adding Thanksgiving stickers or by stamping Thanksgiving designs on it.

Thanksgiving Placemats

Thanksgiving-themed placemats can add a splash of color to your Thanksgiving table and help protect your table or table cloth. Homemade Thanksgiving placements can be made by gathering leaves and pressing them between two pieces of contact paper of equal size. If children will be dining with you, consider printing out Thanksgiving-themed coloring pages and taping them to a piece of cardboard. In addition to catching small spills, they’ll provide the children with an activity to do while they wait for their food or for others to finish their meals.

Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces

You have several easy options for creating a homemade centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. The Thanksgiving table centerpieces should be the focus of your table. The most traditional Thanksgiving table centerpiece is a cornucopia, a Thanksgiving symbol that represents a bountiful harvest. To make a cornucopia, purchase a basket, and fill it with gourds and seasonal fruits like pears and apples. Other festive Thanksgiving do-it-yourself table centerpieces include potted mums, fruit bowls, candles, pumpkins and gourds.

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