Milla Jovovich's Parenting Advice
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Milla Jovovich's Parenting Advice

Milla Jovovich talks about how motherhood changed her.

She talked to PARADE and shared:

“Before you have kids, you create so many problems that are centered in yourself. You’re thinking, Am I ready for this audition? Am I good enough? Now that I have a kid, it’s not such a big deal. Even if I don’t get the job, I know I’m going to be really busy at home. Being a mother to my daughter, Ever, is a full-time job. Now it’s all about my baby, her growing up well and getting everything she needs. Everything else is just a plus.”

Well put!

She also thinks parents shouldn’t blame Hollywood and video games for creating inappropriate content that kids watch.

She stated that “I think parents need to take a lot more responsibility than they do about whether it’s OK for their children to go to Resident Evil or any other movie with violence or sex or whatever. It’s really easy to blame Hollywood for violence having an effect on kids, but movies would have no power if parents would just set their own standards. And it’s the same with video games.”

Jovovich has a 2-year old daughter named Ever Gabo.

Do you agree with her?

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