Busy Philipps Learns Parenting Means Giving Up Some Control
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Busy Philipps Learns Parenting Means Giving Up Some Control

Cougar Town actress Busy Phillips tried it her way with daughter Birdie Leigh, 23 months, but realized that doesn’t always work out when you’ve got a kid.

“I’m sort of like a hippie, and I really tried with the carved wooden blocks and the organic toys and the non-toxic, not-made-in-China things,” she reveals in the summer issue of Mom.

“Then at a certain point, Birdie came home from the park and she wanted Ariel and she wanted Cinderella.”

Busy, 31, has since eased up on her rigid ideas about what toys her daughter can play with. “I can’t blame her,” she adds. “You do the best that you can.”

Besides giving up some control in her relationship to Birdie, Busy admits that her newfound motherhood has put a little bit of a strain on her marriage to writer/producer Marc Silverstein. The couple was a perfect pair before the baby, but “throwing the baby into the mix is tricky.”

“I think that so many people aren’t honest about what actually happens when you have a child,” she says. “Once you start opening up to girlfriends, then you realize everyone’s sort of going through the same thing.” So true!

Busy admits, “Marc and I really had to work on co-parenting and how we work together.” Yup, parenting takes work!

What’s one way Busy and her husband nurture their relationship? Every night from 7:30 to 11pm, once their daughter is asleep, they spend quality time together. Even if that means just sitting there watching “Lost” together, Busy says. 

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