Oliver Hudson Teaches Kids The Importance of Charity
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Oliver Hudson Teaches Kids The Importance of Charity

“Rules of Engagement” star Oliver Hudson is teaching his kids how to be charitable – and he’s starting them young!

His eldest son, Wilder, just celebrated his third birthday on Aug. 23 and along with gifts, birthday cake and balloons, he got a lesson in being charitable.

“Wilder got massive amounts of presents at his party — I wanted him to understand that this isn’t normal,” Oliver, Kate Hudson’s older brother, tells People.

“[I told him,] ‘There are a lot of kids without any toys so we’re going to [go through] your old toys. You can choose the ones you want to keep and we’ll give the others to children with no toys.’ It was great because he got it. He was totally fine with it.”

But, the real problems arise when little Wilder gets jealous of the attention little brother Bodhi, 5 months, gets from mommy and daddy.

“We came home from the hospital and [Wilder] was amazing — kissing him and dancing for him,” said Oliver. “After two months he got jealous, but he loves him.”

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