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Jennifer Lopez Forms Children's Health Foundation After Daughter's Health Scare

Jennifer Lopez was on hand at a gala event in Los Angeles this week to announce the Maribel Foundation, an organization she and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) have formed to assist in providing pediatric medical services to struggling families.

Soon after Jennifer and her husband, Marc Anthony, welcomed their twins last February, they faced a medical scare when daughter, Emme, was 3-weeks old. After finding a lump on her head, Jennifer told attendees at the event that, “We both got very nervous, and I just remember my heart sinking to my feet.”

Luckily, after a slew of tests and an MRI, Emme was in the clear. Feeling fortunate that she had access to doctors and could afford the various test, Jennifer began to wonder about other families in similar situations that could not. So, she teamed up with the CHLA and the Maribel Foundation was born.


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