Lilly Allen Embraces Her New Pregnant Body
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Lilly Allen Embraces Her New Pregnant Body

Singer Lilly Allen is enjoying every aspect about her first pregnancy, including her changing body!

“My boobs are incredible. I’m a 34D now. I’ve never had that size before,” Lilly, 25, tells The Mirror. “I’m actually really excited now I actually look pregnant. My body’s changing all the time and I’ve got to just embrace it.”

Lilly jokes that her maternity wardrobe is just as flattering, “I’ve been wearing sexy maternity tights. I’m so glamorous it’s unreal!”

On that same note, she is planning on letting nature handle her recovering body after she has her baby.

“I won’t be one of those celebrities that pop a baby out and four weeks later I’m back to normal,” she says. “I’ll disappear into my country house…and be hidden from view for as long as I can.”

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