Mira Sorvino Treasures Every Moment of Motherhood
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Mira Sorvino Treasures Every Moment of Motherhood

Mira Sorvino would do anything for her kids – daughter Mattea, 5, and sons Johnny, 4, and Holden, 15 months.

“I would die for my children. I would kill for my children if someone were trying to hurt them,” the actress reveals to People.

It’s obvious that Mira just loves being a mom!

She tries to spend as much time as possible with her family, exposing them to anything she can. “We’re very, ‘Let’s get up and go. Let’s have an adventure somewhere,’” Mira says. “We drive a lot of places and have done probably every kid-friendly activity that there is in Los Angeles.”

As any mom, she can’t help but brag about how wonderful her kids are, “They’re so loving and bright and cute and funny. I just treasure every second I have with them.”

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