Mira Sorvino Struggles to Live Up to Mom
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Mira Sorvino Struggles to Live Up to Mom

Mira Sorvino, mom of three, finds it difficult living up to her own mother’s parenting example.

“My mother was a full-time stay-at-home mom, so I find it really, really guilt-making when I go and work,” the actress, 43, reveals in the Fall issue of Mom.

“She used to do treasure hunts in the back yard and write clues and hide things in trees and she made her own piñatas — and she’s not Mexican … I don’t always measure up to her standard, but I try.”

So, how does she try tolive up to her own mom? She takes her kids, Mattea, 5½, Johnny, 4, and Holden, 15 months, on the road with her. “On the road it’s very rare that I don’t bring the kids with me,” she says. “At this early age, they still need the closeness with the mother. I don’t feel right about leaving them.”

Mira is realistic when it comes to being a working mom, saying, “There’s kind of an image of, ‘Yay, — the happy working mom!’ and everything works out so well, but it’s really difficult to juggle.”

And she doesn’t fall prey to the whole “supermom” ideal either! “There’s no such thing as the supermom who does it all and it’s all perfect. You only have 100% to give, and you can’t give 100% to both your work and children.”

It’s time to finally to kill off supermom, if you ask us!

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