Will Seal and Heidi Have More Kids?
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Will Seal and Heidi Have More Kids?

When asked if he and Heidi will have more kids, Seal tells Reuters that while his four kids are “fantastic” he will have “no more” because “it’s a handful.”

Besides, he already gets enough inspiration for his music through the four kids he’s got!

In his latest album ‘6: Commitment’, Seal reveals “There’s a chapter in [the song ‘Secrets’] that is directly related to our first child, [6-year-old] Leni.”

But, he won’t reveal which song it is, saying “If you listen to it, you’ll know which one it is. But I try not to be too specific because it takes away the ability for people to relate and make it their own.”

He’s even thinking about doing a children’s album, saying “I’d love to do something like that with Heidi. We’ve talked about it…We’ve actually written one or two things — silly things. But it would be nice.”

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