Best Newborn Baby Toys
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Best Newborn Baby Toys

Baby toys for newborns should be as simple as possible because your newborn is still adjusting to light, sounds, textures and even the voices of Mom and Dad. Toys that are overly stimulating or deliver a multisensory experience can be overwhelming for little ones, leaving them anxious or even frightened. Newborns don’t do much playing in the early stages of development, but they can see, watch and touch the world around them. You’ll need to invest in some very simple and basic toys designed to introduce colors, noises and textures, since these will keep your baby happy and amused.

Infant Play Gym or Mat

Play mats are great toys for introducing color and sound to your sensitive newborn. These toys help newborns develop important tactual and sensory skills. Some play mats can be configured for different stages of development by adding toys and creating tunnels as your baby grows. Initially, play gyms and mats will introduce your newborn to several new experiences.

Lullaby Toys and CDs

Soothing sounds and “light” renditions of your favorite songs can reduce anxiety and tension and help your baby relax and go to sleep. Newborn toys such as light-up globes, lamps and boxes that play music encourage your baby to recognize sounds and feel peaceful.

Musical Plush Toys

Soft toys designed to play music at the touch of a button are a great way for a baby to develop interaction skills along with song and noise recognition skills. These soft toys may also rattle and make other fun sounds as your baby presses different areas, and they can help him develop a number of important sensory skills.

Sock Monkey or Puppet

Sock monkeys and other puppet-style toys with oversized features help your infant develop strong focus skills along with tactual and color-recognition skills. These soft and cuddly toys also make wonderful crib companions and may soon become your newborn’s best friend.

Night Light and Light Projector

Toys designed to emit light rays against the wall can help turn your baby’s room into a fun and exciting scene that will keep him dazzled for hours. You can find toys that project a celestial theme to imitate a night sky or even an ocean theme with underwater animals and sea creatures. These toys help newborns develop their pattern recognition skills and also improve their vision.

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