Best Infant Development Toys
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Best Infant Development Toys

The right infant development toys can nurture your newborn’s motor skills, teach her to make facial expressions and sounds, and help her to see more clearly as her concentration improves. You don’t have to invest in expensive toys to enhance your baby’s learning abilities; there are several simple toys that can help her learn important skills and acquire knowledge as she grows. Different toys can help babies reach important developmental milestones, such as learning to touch, taste, communicate and use all their senses. Here are some of the best infant development toys you can buy for your newborn.

Picture Cubes

Soft foam cubes covered in illustrations of animals, flowers and animated figures can help your baby distinguish between different colors and shapes. Foam cubes and blocks are also soft enough for baby to play with inside the crib, and some emit sounds upon the baby’s touch. These can range from $10 to $25, depending on the style or design, and they are a valuable infant toy for sensory development.

Oversized Plush Toys

Oversized plush animals in bright colors and covered in whimsical designs are another way to keep your newborn amused and happy. Big smiley faces and colorful accessories give baby a chance to touch, nuzzle, grasp and chew, which can develop sensory and tactual skills. Oversized plush toys cost $10 to $30 depending on the type and size.

Activity Centers

Possibly the ultimate infant development toy, a learning center lets baby lie on his back and play with dangling toys and listen to music, which helps your newborn develop sensory and creative skills. These learning centers or activity mats will keep baby occupied for long stretches. They typically cost $20 to $45.

Shape Sorter Blocks

When infants can sit up on their own, playing with large blocks in different shapes and sizes can help them improve their IQs and enhance their creative skills. Sorting shapes into a box requires them to make sense of lines and angles and helps them develop their problem-solving skills. These toys typically cost $25 to $40 per set.

Toolset or Wooden Bench

Any toy that requires sorting different blocks or pounding them into a bench will help your growing baby develop cognitive skills. These toys encourage babies to become skilled at problem solving by learning to distinguish between different colors and shapes. This activity develops focus and concentration. The toys typically cost $20 to $45 per set.

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