Tina Fey’s Advice to Working Moms
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Tina Fey’s Advice to Working Moms

Tina Fey has been juggling acting and being a mommy to her 5-year-old daughter Alice for a long time.

So, what advice can she give to other working moms? “Whenever you can, just go home,” she tells Time Out New York Kids.

Even though that would be a seemingly impossible thing for her workaholic character on ’30 Rock’ to do, Tina still thinks Liz Lemon would make a great mom.

“She’s used to sacrificing her dignity for others, which is parenting in a nutshell,” Tina muses.

Tina also talks about how her daughter is starting to get more and more in tune with what mommy does for a living.

“She thinks Amy Poehler is a lot funnier than me,” Tina admits about her former role on Saturday Night Live.

But, Alice has still got a lot to learn about the difference between acting and real life.

 “The other day, she came up to me very worried and asked, ‘Mommy, why does Date Night have so much love in it?’ If she sees me doing a scene with a man who’s not Daddy, she gets very upset. It’s nothing against Steve Carell; Alice is just looking out for Daddy’s best interests.”

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