Mariah Carey Opens Up About Pregnancy
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Mariah Carey Opens Up About Pregnancy

After months of Hollywood rumors, Mariah Carey finally revealed that she and hubby Nick Cannon are expecting.

Because of her growing belly, the couple was forced to tell the world. “You can only keep a secret for so long,” Mariah says in an interview with USA Today.  

So, what’s the reason they kept the pregnancy a secret for so long? Mariah suffered a miscarriage two years ago, so she and Nick “were careful to not just go off and call everybody the first time we took a pregnancy test.

Mariah reveals that were it not for a loving hubby like Nick, she wouldn’t want to have a baby at all.

“I would have never done this if I wasn’t in a strong, grounded relationship. I know you can do it by yourself. I’ve seen that, and it’s fine if it works for you,” she explains. “But I want my child to experience having a mother and father who live together and love each other, to feel secure in that.”

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