Baby Girl Decorating Ideas
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Baby Girl Decorating Ideas

Think beyond pink. Bring your precious bundle of joy home to a space that makes a fashion statement and yet still captures her sweetness. Celebrity nursery designer Sherri Blum says, “Give your child a unique gift that will have a profound impact on his or her sense of well-being…a personal space that is uniquely and wonderfully his own.”

Use Color Wisely

Although pink is overused in little girls’ nurseries, you can make it modern. Paint the walls the color of cotton candy and use plenty of black accents and a large crystal chandelier to capture the sophisticated princess feel. Green, lavender and yellow are acceptable colors although fairly common in little girls’ rooms. A monochromatic scheme lends a clean, sleek look to a nursery. Choose cream, tan or white for the walls, furniture and major textiles, and bring in pops of your chosen color in accents like pictures, fabrics or lamps.

Go bold. Paint the walls in a deep, rich chocolate color. Add white furniture and accents in a deep pink, lime green or turquoise. Or go for a retro look with orange walls and fabrics and bright red, green and yellow accents.

Pick a Theme

Be careful when executing themes, as it is easy to go overboard. Have your room exude the essence of your chosen theme without making it in-your-face obvious. For a rain forest theme, bring plenty of green plants into the room, use bamboo shades on the windows and mosquito netting over the crib. Arrange one or two large stuffed rain forest animals strategically in the room as a focal point. For a seagoing theme, use weathered furniture, nautical elements on the wall and shutters on the windows instead of a large fish mural.

Keep It Simple

Less is more when it comes to decorating. Take a look at the empty space, make note of any built-in architectural details and exploit them. Make a large picture window dominate the room by flanking it with elegant topiaries and draping a sophisticated swag over the top. If the space is large, make the crib the focal point by moving it to the center of the room. Avoid clutter. Use large toy boxes to stash unused toys and make sure that all baby accessories and gear are organized and out of sight.

Create a Comfy Corner

Create a space for you to spend time with your daughter. A small table, comfortable armchair and ottoman, recliner or rocker and adjustable lamp are all you need. Large spaces can handle big furniture, so consider a daybed or love seat if the room is spacious. Make sure you have a bookshelf within reach and a place for a small CD player.

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