Letter to Heaven & The Power of Healing
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Letter to Heaven & The Power of Healing

Do you believe that people have the ability to heal themselves and others? That the ability to heal is within most of us, but at the same time most of us are never taught to harness that energy. This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately.

How I started thinking about it in the first place is kind of interesting. I was thinking about my Grandmother the other day. This time of year loved ones that have passed away tend to be on our minds more frequently. If you have been here with me for a while you have probably heard me say before that my Grandmother loved everything Christmas, and she wasn’t afraid to keep that joy with her all year long.

As a kid I loved that my Grandma kept Christmas music boxes out all year long to enjoy. How many Grandmas do that? It is part of what made her, her. I brought out a very old ring that she had given me. It was her Grandmother’s engagement ring. It was very special to her and is very special to me. I decided to wear it for a while because what good is it just sitting in a drawer? I think she would rather me wear it than worry about something happening to one of stones, which is what I previously did. My concern for how well the stones were set in the ring due to its old age was outweighed by my desire to have a piece of her with me while I decorated. I kicked myself in the butt and reminded myself that life is too short to worry about such things.

When I put the ring on, for some reason almost out of nowhere I wondered if there was a site called letters to heaven. In my mind I pictured it as a site where people wrote letters to loved ones that have passed away. When I typed it on my computer I found there was such a site, only it wasn’t what I had imagined. On the site the links to other sites about healing caught my eye and I visited a few of them.

I found people who strongly believe in the healing power within all of us, and the idea that if we were taught to use that power similar to how we are taught many things in school we could use that energy to heal ourselves and others. If we all learned how to do CPR how many lives would be saved? Well what if we all learned to be in touch with our healing power, what would the world look like then?

Do you think some people are more in touch with their energy to heal than others? Do you think we could learn to be better in touch with ours? Questions I have been thinking about.
I do firmly believe in the power of our energy, and that too much negative energy or stress can harm us mentally and physically. Similarly positive energy: a smile, laughter, a helping hand can work wonders for us. So if the energy we give off can have such an impact on our lives and the lives of those around us, maybe we do have healing energy.

Although I don’t have all the answers to those questions I do believe it is impossible if one is not open to it. How can one help heal another human being with their energy if that person is closed to it or does not want it? I don’t believe it would work in those cases, no matter how much you love or care about a person. In the same light we are the only ones that can make a decision to change a habit in our lives. It is not something someone else can decide for us.

What do we have to lose trying to harness our healing power? Nothing that I can think of.

All this from putting on an old ring that belonged to my Grandmother. Although Letters to Heaven was not the site I anticipated I would love to invite any of you who would like to write a letter to someone you care about that has passed away to share it here on this blog if you are willing. Maybe there is a part of you that still needs to heal, and maybe just maybe a letter with the combined energy of many others will help with your process of healing.

I can’t promise that the letters will reach heaven. What I can promise is that with all of my heart I will hope and pray that they do, and I know others who read them will too.

What do you say? Would you like to be a part of Letters to Heaven?

Send me a message right here on Modern Mom or email me at wendy@givelovecreatehappiness.com and be sure to let me know if you want to remain anonymous or if you are OK with your name being published. Other options are you can use part of your name or a nick name. You could also send me a link for others to find you on the web if you would like.

Please know I will never give your email address out. Your willingness to share a piece of your heart in words here to your loved one for the holidays would be a tremendous blessing for all of us out there who are continuously healing. Your words could have the power to help heal another. I hope to hear from any of you who are interested in sharing! It would be an honor to share your healing words.

Have a wonderful weekend friends! ?

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