Jodie Sweetin’s Journey to a Happy Family
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Jodie Sweetin’s Journey to a Happy Family

Jodie Sweetin, former Full House star, is the mama of a very happy family. The actress gave birth to daughter Beatrix Carlin, aka. Bea, on August 31, and the little girl looks just like Mommy!

“She came out with blonde, fuzzy hair, and when I look at my own baby pictures it’s like she is me!”

Sweetin’s boyfriend and Bea's papa Morty Coyle, a singer-songwriter in the band All Day Sucker who deejays on the side, added, “She must have my insides because all the outside looks like Jodie.”

The baby was named for Coyle's favorite band, The Beatles, along with the late comedian George Carlin. “I wanted something feminine, but really unique,” says Sweetin, 28. “Something kind of funky, a little romantic and old-fashioned.”

Good thing the couple had a girl! Naming a boy might have caused some drama in the Coyle-Sweetin house. “I’d been vetoed on my main boy name,” said Daddy with a chuckle. Had baby Sweetin gotten a Y chromosome, he could have been named Cosmo. “I refused. I was like, I really hope we’re not getting a boy, because Cosmo is not happening!” Jodie joked.

Another girl in the house has been fun for older sister Zoie Laurelmae, 2½, whose father is Sweetin's ex-husband Cody Herpin. “The first time Zoie met Bea, she looked at her and went, ‘Beatwix? She was in mommy’s belly?’ We said, ‘Yes,’ and then it was, ‘Look at my Thomas the Train balloon!’” Jodie recalled. “She’s been really sweet with her, but it’s also like, ‘Okay, a baby. What’s in this for me?’”

Life with Bea has been incredible, and it's even more appreciated since the family went through a scary period after she was born. Within hours of the C-section delivery, Sweetin began bleeding internally and was rushed into emergency surgery, where she nearly didn't make it.

“It was terrifying,” said the mom of two. “I was in the ICU for two and a half days.” “We’re very fortunate that it turned out positive,” added Coyle, 41. “The doctor told me to call her mother right away. She almost died in surgery.”

After several transfusions, Sweeting is alive and counting her blessings. Among them is Coyle, whom she met through a mutual friend in 2009. He never left her side throughout the entire post-delivery emergency.

"He’s an incredibly hands-on Dad," Jodie says of  Morty. "He puts on the Baby Bjorn and takes Bea to Trader Joe’s. We take turns and he’s just so wonderful and loving."

Zoie even calls Coyle ‘Papa.’ "I love her as if she’s my own daughter," explained Coyle. "But I am very respectful of what she has with her father. I like being Papa to her."

"Zoie adores him — we have a really nice little family here. I feel settled now," said Sweetin, who won her battle with alcoholism two years ago this month. “I think about all that I have to lose — the trust of my family and friends, my relationship, my kids. It’s just not worth it.

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