Giving Flowers for Valentine’s Day
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Giving Flowers for Valentine’s Day

When you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day present, flowers are the quintessential gift. Flowers brighten the days and lives of many recipients, including your partner, your kids, your neighbor, your friends and others. On this Valentine’s Day, create the perfect bouquet for all your loved ones.


If you are putting together a bouquet for your loved one, roses are the traditional flower. Roses signify love, romance and intimacy. The traditional bouquet is a dozen rich red roses. But romance is more diverse that that. Think about your relationship with your partner. Give a particular flower or color of flower that appeared at your wedding, on your first date or at some other special point in your relationship. Give a flower to represent each child or every year you have been together. Give the flowers as a surprise at a certain time throughout the day. Have them delivered, leave them in a surprise location in the home, hide them in the car or tuck them into another remote location.


Lollipops make great foundations for flowers. You can cut a flower from construction paper, tissue paper, felt, cotton, flannel or craft foam. If you glue the candy part of the lollipop to the center of the flower, the stick becomes the stem. Make a bunch of these and you can tie them into a bouquet with a ribbon. Give these to kids or friends for a Valentine’s Day surprise. For a smaller gift, give just a single flower. You can write a note on one petal of the flower. Hide the gift in your kids’ lunch boxes or backpacks.


Flowers can be for more than romance. Sweet flowers, such as carnations, daisies or tulips, can be perfect for a friend. You can buy a bouquet of colorful flowers and take them apart into individual flowers. If you wrap a big ribbon around each stem, you can attach a note. Write something clever, such as “Your friendship brightens my day.” These are fun gifts for neighbors, friends whose partners are away or deployed or anyone who needs a little pick-up.


Flowers are full of fragrance and emotion. Pick some aromatic flowers from your own backyard for a sweet touch of home. If your partner or other family member is away for Valentine’s Day, send a bouquet of flowers native to your area. If you have a family member in a nursing home, send a bouquet of flowers that he or she once grew.

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