Ne-Yo Serenades His Fussy Newborn
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Ne-Yo Serenades His Fussy Newborn

With his 6-week-old daughter Madilyn finally home after being hospitalized as a premature baby, Ne-Yo has found a way to soothe his little girl’s crying — he sings to her.

The R&B singer-songwriter says his daughter "absolutely loves" a song he hasn’t released yet. But, that’s not how she feels about all of his songs.

“She is not shy about letting me know which [songs] are her favorites," Ne-Yo tells People.

“Sometimes she will fall into those places where she just wants to cry and scream,” he explains. “If all else fails, she will stay quiet for at least long enough to listen to that song.”

Ne-Yo says now that his baby girl is home, "I’m having a ball and enjoying every second!”

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