Projection – The Positive Side
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Projection – The Positive Side


When we judge someone, if we look hard enough we can usually find ourselves in there. Not the most uplifting truth, but really beneficial to our personal growth. It takes a good dose of self honesty to realize what it is you are struggling with. Your judgements may be your biggest clue.

However, projection has another side. It is not always negative. Why is that the major thing we focus on? What about the other side of the coin? Projection can also be positive.

What is it that you love about others? Think of a few people that have had a positive influence on your life or people you admire. Jot down a few of the characteristics of these people you love.

Now take a hard look at the list. You are in there!

The fact of the matter is we also project our positive attributes, not just the negative ones. Often when you admire something in another person, it is a part of you – but are you giving yourself enough credit???

What you love about others may not be fully developed in you yet, but the potentiality is absolutely there.

The next time you find yourself admiring a certain characteristic in another human being, take some time to see yourself in that characteristic. Ask yourself – What can I do to further develop that characteristic in myself? 

The best of you is ready to be seen, especially by you! ?



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