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Kate Hudson: “It Feels Like a Girl”

Did you have a strong feeling that your baby was going to be a boy or girl? Well, Kate Hudson certainly does!

“It feels like a girl, but I don’t know," the pregnant actress, 31, reveals in an interview airing Friday on Britain’s The Graham Norton Show.

And, she’s not the only one that thinks so! "Ryder thinks it’s a girl,” Kate says, referring to her 7-year-old son with ex-hubby Chris Robinson.

Kate and boyfriend Mathew Bellamy, frontman of the rock band Muse, even have some baby names picked out.

“But we’re not telling anyone,” she says. “People tell you so much [when they’re pregnant], it drives me nuts.”

Kate also cleared up the recent rumors that she is engaged. “No, no, not that I know of!” she says. “I don’t like putting that sort of pressure on it, and I don’t feel it necessary to get married.”

Kate adds, “I am 31, I already have one child and have had one divorce, so it is not necessarily the golden ticket. I just want to be happy.”

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