Jewel and Ty Murray’s Son: What he Does is up to Him
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Jewel and Ty Murray’s Son: What he Does is up to Him

Jewel and hubby Ty Murray’s little guy is not due until July 6th, but the two are already considering career options for him!

Will he have singing pipes like his mom, or will he don a cowboy hat and ride the rodeo circuit like Pops? According to Murray, it’s up to him.

"In Jewel’s profession, one in every 10 million make it, and in my sport, it’s so dangerous," he told People.

"The thing we try to remember is that it’s not up to us–it’s up to him. We just want to be good, loving parents, and help him decide what his passions are."

Jewel and Ty have been trying to conceive for two years since they married in 2008. Now that they’re finally pregnant, they can’t help thinking of if it as "just a miracle".

"To have achieved our dreams and goals–it’s nice," Murray said. "And now that we got that out of the way, we feel more settled down and mature."

Who will he look to for guidance on how to be a father?

"My dad, to this day, is the biggest influence on my life that I’ve ever had," he admitted. "He always led his life as an upstanding man, and that’s my goal–to do that for my kid."

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