The Cake Boss Gets the Ultimate V-Day Gift: A Son
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The Cake Boss Gets the Ultimate V-Day Gift: A Son

Buddy Valastro added a new member to his ever-growing family on Valentine’s Day.

“What a perfect Valentine’s Day gift,” he tells People. “What kind of a Valentine’s Day gift do you and [your] wife want [more] than a new baby?”

The Cake Boss and his wife Lisa soon introduced their newborn son Carlo to his older brothers, Buddy, Jr. and Marco, and older sister Sofia.

“I said, ‘Carlo, welcome to the jungle,’” says Buddy. “My oldest, Sofia, is really, really gentle and wants to help, [but] the boys are going to make him rough at a young age!”

The other Valastro kids are already making Carlo, named in honor of their family bakery, feel at home. “They don’t want to let him go,” Buddy says. “They want to hold him and kiss him and hug him.”

“I just feel so blessed and so happy,” he gushes. “I came from a big family of five so I believe in having a lot of children and I think it’s really nice, especially when a family grows up tight and together like me and my family did. I’m carrying those values on to my kids.”

And, as for having more kids, Buddy is in no rush, "Like we say in the bakery, the kitchen’s closed!”

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