Owen Wilson Dishes on His New Son’s Personality
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Owen Wilson Dishes on His New Son’s Personality

He may not be uttering eloquent phrases or spry witticisms like Daddy yet, but little Robert Ford Wilson is still getting attention from his parental critics.

"He’s not, I wouldn’t say, a wonderful conversationalist at this point, but he kind of doesn’t have to be, he’s so cute," papa Owen Wilson, 42, said of his 6-week-old son on Tuesday’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

"He becomes sort of a little scene stealer when he comes in the room," the actor said of baby Wilson, who is going by his middle name, Ford.

"[He’s like] Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven, where he didn’t have a lot of dialogue–you just kind of gave him the camera and he was able to hold the screen," Wilson said with a smile. "I feel like Ford is heading in that direction."

Wow, that’s a lot of pressure for a little boy to live up to! I guess the Wilson family–which consists of Ford, daddy Owen Wilson, and mommy Jade Duell–will just have to focus on the little things while this tot hones his screen skills.

"What they say about newborns, about [the parents] not getting a lot of sleep? That’s true," he says. "You look at every place now as a potential nap place … You’ve got to look for your chances to catch up."

And asked whether Ford looks more like Mom or Dad, Wilson comicly replied, "Who he really looks like at this point is other babies."

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