Who Needs A Review? Starbucks Spring Blend 2014
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Who Needs A Review? Starbucks Spring Blend 2014

The following post is sponsored by Starbucks® 

This post comes from Sherry over at Who Needs A Cape?, a group of moms who blog about their families, ideas and the lessons they’ve learned on this crazy journey called life:

When we ladies at “Who Needs A Cape?” were approached by Starbucks to do a review of their new Spring Blend coffee, my ears perked up like a dog who had just heard her owner ask if she wanted to go outside.

I love all things coffee – especially Starbucks! – so writing this review was right up my alley.

My absolute earliest memory of coffee is courtesy of my Grammy, whose house always had the welcoming, fresh aroma of percolated coffee wafting through it. I was awakened many a spring morning by the bold scent of freshly brewed java swirling upstairs to greet me. There was always a cup to be had for any neighbor or friend who stopped by for a quick chat. And when Grammy and I would go out for dinner, a cup of coffee was always the first thing she’d order.

So it’s no wonder I grew up to be such a coffee lover … as if I had much choice. But I’m not complaining in the least, since I’m reminded of my beloved Grammy whenever I take a cozy sip of my favorite morning beverage.

I truly look forward to weekend mornings and the calm they bring; sitting on my back porch with a big cup o’ Joe, watching the birds and taking in nature, is the best way to kick off my day. And a cup of Spring Blend couldn’t be a more apropos way to celebrate spring and usher in its beauty.

Starbucks Spring Blend 2014 is a medium roast coffee that’s lively and pairs well with breads or loaves, such as Starbucks lemon pound loaf (a personal favorite) or shortbread. While Spring Blend is a delicious way to kick off your day, it’s still light enough to serve at a spring brunch or a Mother’s Day luncheon.

Starbucks Spring Blend Coffee #starbucks 

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