Life Vision & Coincidences
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Life Vision & Coincidences

I believe there are coincidences that happen each and every day. Coincidences that are there to guide and inspire us. Our lives have great meaning, and when we open ourselves up to that we are better able to live out our dreams. Think of loving energy surrounding you, and filling you from within. This loving energy wants to help you. Will you let it?

When I read a passage that touches my heart, somewhere deep inside I feel maybe I was guided to the information that I needed. Paying attention to the signs has proved invaluable. The signs are my North Star and I aim to trust and follow where they lead, instead of letting fear hold me back and keep me from achieving the greatest version of myself.

There are some who believe that seeing certain animals are signs meant to guide you, there to remind you of things about yourself that you need to be aware of. For me, believing that we are here for a reason means searching inwardly to remember what that reason is. What is the greater vision for my life? What am I here to do?

It is never too late to figure it out, and never too late to start acting and living in alignment with your purpose. In my heart I feel my purpose is to teach love, and I think there are a great many souls who share this purpose with me.

What do you feel called to do? Is it to help others in need, to teach people how to care for and respect their bodies, to help animals, to protect and love our beautiful planet?

Be still. Embrace quiet. Ask why you are here? Listen within. Be patient. Keep asking until you know. When you’ve found the answer you’ll know with your entire body. Your heart will cry YES!

To living out your life’s great vision.


With love

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