Guided Meditation: Speak Your Truth (Throat Chakra Healing)
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Guided Meditation: Speak Your Truth (Throat Chakra Healing)

Do you ever feel like you are holding your true feelings back for fear that others won’t like you or who you truly are? Do you stuff words in because you’re a Keep the Peace Crusader? Do you experience frequent pain in your throat or neck area? Coming from a place of love and kindness is always important but holding back true feelings and our authentic self is unhealthy, and can build up in the body.

In this guided meditation we are going to work on releasing your authentic voice. Fear often holds us back from speaking our truth. Through this healing meditation we will work on opening up the throat chakra enabling us to speak clearly and authentically about how we really feel.

Join me in this guided meditation to open yourself up to speaking your truth. When you’re able to speak clearly and authentically through a tone of love, you are giving yourself the greatest gift and others as well by allowing them to be free too. Feeling free to be our authentic self is crucial because our authentic self is tied to our divine purpose in life.

YouTube video

YouTube Video:


Please return to this meditation whenever you feel like you are stuffing words in out of fear. It is also a great idea to listen to our bodies cues. Watch this video whenever you feel pain in your throat area such as a sore throat, or pain in your neck surrounding the throat. Physical pain and emotional pain can be linked, and it is always important to listen to your body because it can be a great teacher.


With love, gratitude, and deep healing,

Wendy Irene

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