Sheryl Crow’s Sons: “They’re Not Entitled to Have Everything”
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Sheryl Crow’s Sons: “They’re Not Entitled to Have Everything”

Popular crooner Sheryl Crow’s got a bunch of hit songs under her belt, but just because she’s obviously got the music industry wrapped around her little finger doesn’t mean she’s a pro at the parenting business.

“I’m strict,” Crow, 49, told Prevention magazine’s May issue. “They have to understand that somebody’s in charge and sometimes the answer is no. It’s about being consistent.”

“I really think that you do them a disservice when they get out into the world and they realize they’re not entitled to have everything,” she says about her sons Wyatt Steven, 4, and Levi James, almost 1.

“I think we’ve gotten to that place where parenting has been equated with making a child happy.”

But with a full-on music career in addition to her full-time role as Mom, whom does she go to for help?

“I never thought I’d be raising a boy by myself,” Crow admitted.

“Now that I’m three and a half years in and I see Wyatt going into a little testosterone phase, I’m like, ‘Whoa!’ But he has great role models. He sees his two uncles and his granddad often.”

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