Bridget Moynahan Appreciates Son’s Fashion Advice
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Bridget Moynahan Appreciates Son’s Fashion Advice

Rather than turning to a professional stylist when dressing up for the red carpet, Bridget Moynahan turns to her own little fashion consultant – her 3½-year-old son John.

“My son does make comments when I dress up. I just wear my dress and he says, ‘You look pretty! That dress looks pretty,’” Bridget, 39, tells People. “I trust his opinions. He always gives nice, mature comments and I appreciate it. It’s more than I get from most people.”

Besides dishing out helpful fashion advice, John has also recently mastered the skill of riding a bike.

“He just learned how to ride a bike and he loves it,” says Bridget. “The training wheels are still there but it’s a big thing. I’m so proud of him.”

Instead of being over-protective about the potentially dangerous sport her son has adopted, Bridget is calm and collected. “I’m not freaked out at all. It’s liberating. Now he’s mobile and he’s found another activity that he loves. He wears a helmet and all the protective gear. He’s safe.”

But there is one downside to John’s new love. “Now only if I can find a way to get him off it,” laughs Bridget. “All he wants to do is ride his bike.”

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