Carey Hart: Pink is “So Ready to Be a Mother”
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Carey Hart: Pink is “So Ready to Be a Mother”

Motocross racer Carey Hart is 100% confident that Pink will be an “awesome” mom.

“She’s just so connected and so ready to be a mother,” Carey tells People.

He’s also proud of Pink for staying active and doing yoga while pregnant. “She’s solid,” he said.

Carey is excited to be a father, saying, “Our kid is going to have a great experience…he or she is going to travel the world with us … [and] I think we’ll have a pretty well-rounded kid.”

But, if Pink happens to give birth to a daughter, Carey has some concerns.

“I feel sorry if we have a girl because that whole analogy of the dad on the couch with the shotgun, well, I’m pretty heavily tattooed,” said Carey. “I’m pretty intimidating looking so I feel sorry for a little girl trying to bring boys home. Between my very headstrong wife and myself, I feel sorry if we have a girl.”

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