Jessica Alba’s Relaxed Labor Using Hypnobirthing
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Jessica Alba’s Relaxed Labor Using Hypnobirthing

What is your secret to a relaxed labor and delivery? For Jessica Alba, it’s hynobirthing.

This star is pregnant with her second child and realizes that the experience is "different for everyone", but in her opinion hypnobirthing, which she opted for during the birth of her first daughter Honor Marie, now 2½, is the way to go.

“I highly recommend it. It just makes you chill,” the actress, 30, said. “I was freaked my first time going into labor, like, ‘What if I panic? What if I just freak out and am not prepared for it?’ This just prepares you.”

Though she’s much more prepared for the childbirth process the second time around, Alba admits that being pregnant with a toddler around the house has its difficulties. “A little harder on the body,” she said. “My daughter still wants to be picked up and ever since my belly popped she’s really on me.”

Being pregnant seems like a job in itself, but Jessica also has her acting career and her new venture as creative director of HopScout, an online sale site that offers parents daily blogs and info on kids products.“I just love that we are encouraging and promoting parents to stay at home and raise their kids the way they want to, but they can also help provide some income which every family could use," Alba commented.

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