Miranda Kerr Embraces New Womanly Figure
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Miranda Kerr Embraces New Womanly Figure

While many women would return to their pre-baby body in a heartbeat, Miranda Kerr appreciates the transformation her body went through after pregnancy.

“Basically it feels nice because I feel a little bit more curvaceous than I was before,” Miranda, 28, tells People, referring to her “wider” hips and “obviously bigger” bust. “I feel like I’ve become more of a woman now and I’m really embracing those curves.”

The Victoria’s Secret model even fondly recalls her changing body during pregnancy. “I loved just watching my tummy grow every day. I would go to sleep and then I would wake up and it would be a little bit bigger, and I just loved watching the growth that was happening inside of me.”

Miranda’s now four-month old son, Flynn, has become the love of her life.

“When I see him smile it brightens my whole world,” she raves. “It’s so rewarding to watch him smile and laugh. It just makes everything better. When I see him smile it makes me realize just how lucky I am.”

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