9 Reasons I Love The Cake Boss
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9 Reasons I Love The Cake Boss

blog post photoI love the Cake Boss (Buddy).  It is a show that we have a season pass to on our DVR and one that the whole family (me, Adam and our 8 year old, Lucy) loves watching.  Now for the sake of full disclosure, we love Ace of Cakes with Duff Goldman on the Food Network as well and it is also ‘season passed.’ There is just something so interesting and amazing about watching the art (and yes, I mean art) of making these cakes.  So with no further fan fare,  here are the nine reasons I love The Cake Boss on TLC (in no particular order):

1. Buddy is a character – I love watching Buddy.  He likes to complain and boss people around and he is just entertaining to listen to. Everyone is wrong.  He is always right.  Maybe because I have known people over the years like Buddy, but every time he goes on a rant, I laugh.

2. The Challenge Of “How Will They Do It – How will they make a ring box and a diamond ring cake?  How will they recreate the buildings on Sesame Street (rice krispie treats)?  I find that trying to guess how they will do it and make it happen in my head, is all part of the fun.

3. Where is the cake in the cake and does it taste good?  Often the cakes have lots of components like modeling chocolate, fondant.  I like to try to figure out what parts are cake and if the cake can possibly taste good.  I have not idea but I have my doubts.

4. Family Dynamics Are Fun To Watch – The bakery is a family business and watching the family dynamics of everyone working together is just great theater.

5. Why Do People Want These Cakes & What Do They Cost? – Need I say more.  How much do they cost and what makes these people decide to do them?

6. New Jersey – The Jersey Shore is a hit.  The Sopranos was too.  Watching shows based in the Garden State makes good TV.

7. Learn Things – I fancy myself as a ‘cook or baker when I want to be’ but that is not often.  I find myself picking up tips (how to do an crumb layer of icing) that I tuck away (like money in the mattress) for when I might want to use them.

8.Watch Out Below – Everyone loves a falling cake.  It is fun to watch and see what might go wrong.  Will the cake fit in the truck?  Will it melt?  More often than not nothing happens but it is fun to see if it will.  (tip:  A great show for food disasters is Challenge on the Food Network.  Great crashing cake disasters)

9. Final Reveal- I like the ending.  Seeing the cake done and ready to be enjoyed by all!

The Event:

The flour was flying recently as self-proclaimed baking enthusiast Kelly Ripa and accomplished master baker and cake decorator Buddy Valastro, from TLC’s “Cake Boss,” joined forces at Manhattan’s trendy Chelsea Market to bake lavishly decorated layer cakes for a cause.  The bake-off, held just in time for Valentine’s Day, was not a culinary throw-down; instead the pair was teaming up with Electrolux Appliances to host the first-ever Cake Off in support of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Give Back To Ovarian Cancer Research:

Take a minute to give back.  Go to Kelly Ripa’s Cake Off For A Cause from February 10th to the 19th. Why? Because Electrolux will donate $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund for every vote cast in the Cake Off.  You will also get great tips on baking from Kelly and the Cake Boss himself.  And don’t forget to enter to win yourself an Electrolux Induction Range

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