Spencer Grammer: “Pregnancy is Like a Science Project”
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Spencer Grammer: “Pregnancy is Like a Science Project”

Spencer Grammer is all smiles when it comes to her pregnancy. The Greek star, 27, is five and a half months pregnant with her first child. And she loves to talk about it. Spencer told PEOPLE, “It’s my most important thing right now.”

She told the magazine the whole experience of having a baby is “like a science project.”

“You kind of become superhuman. You gain like a pint of blood. Your ribcage expands. There’s a really cool hormone that your body releases for your joints to loosen. You become some sort of crazy being. It’s amazing your body can do all these things,” she says.

So has her dad, the famous Kelsey Grammer, been any help to Spencer or her hubby, James Hesketh, in the advice giving department? “My dad told me it’s a beautiful thing and that I’ll figure it out. He’s been pretty busy with his own stuff and his life.”

"It’s a great, beautiful thing that I’m really enjoying, and think every woman should enjoy,” she said. We agree Spencer, we agree. 

Congratulations to the couple!

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