You Are More Important Than You Sometimes Know
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You Are More Important Than You Sometimes Know

   Is it better to share our feelings or keep them in?Is it better to share our feelings or keep them in? 

Is it better to share our feelings or keep them in?

Having lived both ways, pre-blog- very little sharing, post blog- tons of sharing, I would without a doubt say share your heart with the world. You are so very important, more important than you sometimes know. The world needs you, all of you.

It is not always easy for me to share my feelings, to let others know my struggles and triumphs, but it is incredibly rewarding and healing. Through sharing and connecting I have come to realize more and more how similar we all are. Being open and truthful about who we are, what we believe in, is how we connect with one another. Our connection is vital to our own well-being, as well as the wellness of our planet and the future of evolution.

When sharing who we are with the world, we give the gift of our light. Imagine how bright and luminous the world could be if we all found outlets for sharing the gift of our life. There are many ways to express oneself, whether it is art, writing or music, to name a few. Find an avenue that feels right in your heart, and let it all out.

Although it was scary to open myself up to the world, revealing my inner-being, I realized that what happened in the process was the creation of more space within. Letting thoughts, feeling and emotions out, created more room for good to come in. Loving energy does not like to stay still. It likes to move around and continue flowing.

Breathe love in and out. Let love flow; resist trying to trap it inside. We are love, so go ahead and share it, all of it. The heart knows there is nothing to fear, it is the over-thinking mind that gets in the way. Quieting the mind with meditation allows the heart to pour open.

Giving everything I am to the world is, for me, the only way I know how to live a life that feels fulfilled.

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