Jenna Elfman: Pregnancy is Tiring!
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Jenna Elfman: Pregnancy is Tiring!

Some Moms love to be pregnant, but others can’t wait to give birth and be done! Actress Jenna Elfman is definitely in the latter group. Elfman, 39, delivered her second son, Easton Quinn Monroe, in March 2010 after she played out her pregnancy on a season of her sitcom, ‘Accidentally on Purpose.’

“It was nice to act not pregnant, frankly, because I had just done a whole season pregnant,” Jenna told PEOPLE at the premiere of ‘Friends with Benefits’. “I was like, ‘I do not have a baby in my belly, let me go act. Please.’”

Elfman, who plays Justin Timberlake’s sister in ‘FWB’ began working immediately after she gave birth to Easton. "I was really looking forward to getting out of the house,” she said.

Jenna and her husband of 16 years, Bodhi Elfman, already have one child together, Story Elias, 4.

Though pregnancy is so rewarding, we understand it can get a little tiring!

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