Posh & Becks Are Already Planning for  Number 5!
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Posh & Becks Are Already Planning for Number 5!



With the birth of Harper Seven a few weeks ago, David and Victoria Beckham welcomed their fourth child and their first little girl. But they’re not done yet! David Beckham says that they are definitely open to the idea of having another child.

“We’d love one more,” the soccer star told the Associated Press. “We’ve always said we’d love a big family and five was a number. If we’re lucky enough, then we hope to have one more.”

The three Beckham boys – Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz – range in age from 6 to 12 years old, and according to Beckham, they adore having a little sister.

"All the boys won’t leave her alone," he says, "which is amazing."

It’s not the first time that the couple has hinted they might try for a fifth child. While pregnant with Harper, Victoria Beckham told CNN that she didn’t want to have a big family like Angelina Jolie, but that if her fourth child was a boy, she’d consider trying again for a girl.

“Well, I’m not Angelina. I don’t know,” she said about having another baby. “I mean, come on. [If I] don’t have a girl this time, then maybe I’ll be lucky enough and have a girl the next time.”

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