How Many No’s Equal One Yes?
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How Many No’s Equal One Yes?

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This post is dedicated to Alicia, a wonderfully talented and creative friend who is the heart and soul behind the blog Ag.gray.gate.  I’d be honoured if you stop by and check out her site!  She wrote a comment on yesterday’s article – Are You Getting What You Want Out of Life? Her comment inspired today’s post.  If you follow the link you can check out what she wrote. 

Letting Go

One thing I did not consider when writing yesterday’s article was that sometimes after putting your all into something, giving it your best shot, you have to let go and let the universe take you where it will.  Not everything happens the way we plan or imagine in our heads, and there is beauty in that.

Believe and Have Faith

The key is believing the universe is your friend.  When you truly believe the universe has your best interests at heart you’ll be on the right path for you.  Put another way, when you let go and believe that good things will come your way, you create exactly that for yourself, whether or not it is what you initially planned or envisioned.

The Path Is Not Always Clear

I’m willing to bet a lot of people who have experienced great success in their life would have never guessed 1, 2, … 5 years ahead of time that they’d get to where they are exactly the way they did.  When you have put yourself fully into something, given it the best of your ability, there is wisdom in allowing yourself freedom to let go, live life, and have faith knowing you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Remain Open to Possibility

If you have a dream find comfort knowing that there will most likely be many No’s before one great big YES!  Don’t get discouraged but always leave yourself OPEN to the possibility that what you initially thought your dream was may not have been what actually is best for you.  Trust that you are headed the right way.  Embrace changes in perspective and enlightenment along the way.

The No’s are only stepping stones on your path which may curve in a direction you never expected.

10 years ago I never would have guessed I’d be living on the west coast, or Canada, but this path has brought me much happiness along the way.

Each No is nothing more than one step closer to the right Yes!

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Can you recall a time when you experienced “No” as a blessing in disguise?
Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the comments!

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