Hilary Duff Is Having A Boy!
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Hilary Duff Is Having A Boy!

Hilary Duff revealed that she’s going to have a boy on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday, saying “I had a feeling it was a boy the whole time.”

The 24-year-old actress, best known for her teenage stint as the star of the Disney show Lizzie McGuire, is expecting her first child with husband Mike Comrie

She opened up about her pregnancy to Ellen, saying “It’s kind of like a little alien has taken over your body. You just don’t quite feel normal. But it’s cool. It’s been good.”

Duff also shared the way she broke the news to Comrie:

“My husband makes this joke that I think I’m pregnant like 12 times a year.. So when it actually happened he was in the shower. I think sometimes when you imagine it you think you’re going to do it in some cute way….I just ran in and he was in the shower and I just held up the test and I was like, oh my god. And he was like AHH! He was soaking wet.  We were just like a mess and started crying.  It was really exciting.”

The couple announced the pregnancy in August and Duff says she’s about four months along. The baby is due early next year.

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