Directions for Cleaning a Pool
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Directions for Cleaning a Pool

A clean pool is an inviting pool. Every swimming pool owner knows that nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool. Pools can often go 10 or more years without draining and refilling as long as you keep the water clean. Keeping your pool clean and fresh is something you can do on your own. By using the right tools, a little bit of elbow grease and patience, you should be able to tackle this task in no time.

Step 1

Remove floating leaves and debris using a leaf skimmer. The leaf skimmer’s long handle allows you to scoop and lift dirt under and over the water. Simply hold the handle and dip the net into the water and scoop up the debris. The skimmer’s net collects debris of any size. Remove all debris collected from the net and throw it into a garbage can. Make sure to remove the smaller particles before reusing the skimmer to prevent returning the debris back into the pool.

Step 2

Use a pool vacuum to collect debris that a leaf skimmer cannot collect. A pool vacuum can collect even minute debris. Powered by your swimming pool’s circulating pump or a separate power supply, a pool vacuum uses the filter system to trap debris. Submerge the pool vacuum into the water, and then turn on the pool pump or the separate power supply switch, whichever the case may be. The pool vacuum has wheels that allow it to move underwater. The pool vacuum has a hose that moves like a snake to suction out dirt that has settled to the bottom of the pool. The skim bag attached to the vacuum holds the dirt collected. Empty the bag weekly to avoid overloading.

Step 3

Use a nylon bristle brush to clean the floor and walls of your swimming pool. A nylon brush is effective in cleaning vinyl, fiberglass and painted pools without damaging the pool’s finish. Use a steel-brush or commercial grade brush for plaster walls. Brushing can remove algae, stains and mineral deposits. In most cases, you don’t have to remove the water when brushing your pool; however, for gunky or heavily soiled pool, emptying your pool with water is necessary.

Step 4

Use chlorine tablets to keep your pool water clear. Place a 3-inch chlorine tablet inside the cartridge of a pool chlorine floater and set it into the pool. You can also put the tablet in a skimmer basket so that the water flowing over the tablet goes straight to the pump and then to the filter where it will dissipate before the water returns to the pool. Chlorine burns body oils, pollen, tannic acid and oils from leaves that enter the pools water. Chlorine also prevents growth of algae.

Step 5

Turn on pool pump to circulate the swimming pool water. Set the timer every 24 hours the most, but preferably every eight hours to keep the pool water clean.

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